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Universidad de Valladolid

Our research background

The overarching theme of our research program is the theoretical and computational study of material properties and phenomena that emerge from nonequilibrium processes in solid-state materials. Our research comprise multiple investigations in the area of irradiation of materials, evolution of defects in semiconductors and technological processes involving ion beam processing and annealing. Our efforts also include the developing of new models and computational methods to improve predictive capabilities and applications of computer simulation to science and engineering.

In our studies we combine a range of atomistic modeling techniques, including fundamental ab initio calculations, tight-binding and classical Molecular Dynamics, and Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations. Using a multiscale simulation scheme we provide a solid foundation based on a fundamental understanding of material properties, for the optimization and development of structures with properties desirable for technological applications.

We have broadly focused our studies on issues related to atomistic modeling of doping and defect evolution during ion implantation and annealing process for junction formation in advanced silicon devices for logic applications. The application of our research efforts also span to other semiconductor devices such as radiation detectors, solar cells, sensors, patterning of nanostructures, etc as well as to other solid-state materials.

We are currently engaged in projects for multiscale modeling of the link between fundamental properties of ion-beam induced defects to macroscopic properties and the optimization of defect engineering strategies for optoelectronics and doping of advanced logic devices. Our projects are continuously evolving as we find new areas of collaboration with other research groups and companies around the world.

Research topics

Atomistic modeling techniques
Multiscale simulation scheme followed in our research
Irradiation of materials
Fundamental studies on how defects are generated by irradiation
Defects in semiconductors
Linkage of defect properties with their macroscopic effects
Technological processes
Examples of our contribution to technological processes