SIMRETRO: FPGA board for old games
actual photo
Programming board (red) connected to an old revision of the SIMRETRO board (green)

SIMRETRO is a board designed by Angel Díaz under the supervision of Jesús Arias for the hardware emulation of old 8-bit computers and / or arcade machines. It requires an additional board, PRGICE, for its programming, but then it can run as an standalone computer.

Hardware Sources (rev. 2.2):
New in revison 2.2:
Programming Board: PRGICE

Hardware Sources:

Firmware for the microcontroller & linux uploader: lpc11loader.tgz folder listing: lpc11loader
  • An ARM toolchain is required for firmware compilation.
  • Now, the frequency of pin 21 can be selected from the command line. It defaults to 12MHz, but it can also be 16MHz. (or in general 48MHz/N, with N integer)