Analog Integrated Circuit Design

Low voltage switched capacitor circuits

 The analog design group of the E. y Electronica department at the Valladolid University has been working in collaboration with the Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica at Sevilla in the design and fabrication, via Europractice, of some circuit building blocks. These circuits has been designed for an AMS 0.35 µ m technology and their main feature is their low supply voltage. These circuits can operate with only 1 Volt.
Outputs Diferencial, rail to rail
Power Supply Voltage 1 V
Clock frequency 1 MHz
Power comsumption 90 µW

Type Biquad, band-pass
Order 2
Clock frequency 1 MHz
Resonance frequency 58 KHz (RDS subcarrier)
Q 20

We can see 3 opamps (top), the capacitor bank (bottom) and, in the periphery, the switches, clock, polarisation circuits and buses.